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We went to Iguazu Falls for two days. For me, this was greatly anticipated as it gave me a chance to do some long exposure photography. Since I figured out how to get that milky look with flowing water, I eagerly awaited each opportunity to photograph moving water and particularly water falls. We were joined by our good friends, Shelly and Tom. Both were also forewarned that my photography obsession was going to be in overdrive at Iguazu. Was it worth the flight and two days stay? I’ll let you decide… enjoy.


Waterfall with a touch of green

Waterfall with a touch of green – Using the Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2, I thought the touch of color was interesting although I think not very realistic.


River with rocks

River with rocks – just photographing the waterfalls would have been too monotonous so this was an attempt to change things up


Radiating waterfall

Radiating waterfall – I personally like this one a lot, just in need of a mermaid


Ominous waterfall

Ominous waterfall – this one is my favorite of the bunch. I was actually not too happy with the original but after the post processing, it came out pretty cool


Magical waterfall

Magical waterfall – while in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2, I was sifting through the presets and when I passed over the one with a graduated filter, half of the waterfall disappeared and I knew I had to work with that


Iguazu Waterfall Panorama

Iguazu Waterfall Panorama – a little color, a little HDR

Iguazu Minor Falls

Iguazu Minor Falls – another HDR but this one in black and white.


Iguazu Mini Falls

Iguazu Mini Falls – the rest of the group decided to take the boat ride under the water fall while I went roaming around looking for different images to shoot. I found these falls away from the crowds – easier to shoot


Iguazu close up

Iguazu close up – just a touch of HDR. I think with this image, I am starting to get a better feel for HDR toning without going overboard with the HDR toning effect.


Falling off cliff

Falling off cliff – another image where I darkened the scene a lot and the contrast with the milky water really pops out


Down the chute

Down the chute – I had Humpty hold me while I leaned directly above the waterfall. And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.


Big Waterfall Iguazu

Big Waterfall Iguazu – the only image I was able to get with my camera on a tripod and long exposure where no one stood in front of me or bumped into the tripod during the photo


Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls – nice post-cardy feel to this one so I added the boarder (something I usually hate)


The Iguazu Gang

The Iguazu Gang – The one thing about photography is that I find myself wearing the jacket a lot around water to protect the camera from the elements. But let me tell you, it was HOT!

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