Hiking in Mendoza 5
The four of us arrived in Mendoza during the worse possible time–Christmas week.  Shelly and Megha flew all the way from New York to hang-out with us in Argentina. With a friendship over two decades old, having them there meant a lot to me. Leaving New York wasn’t easy. Even […]

Mendoza: Here’s To Friendship and To Good Wine

We saw a ton of skeleton images 1
    Before arriving in Argentina, I despised graffiti. To me, it was the act of some punks with spray cans ruining the city with their distasteful messages and images. And so my initial reaction to the graffiti in Buenos Aires was no different. I would let out a sigh […]

Buenos Aires Graffiti: If These Walls Could Talk

Obviously loved the symmetry We had so many pictures from the Recoleta cemetery that we decided to make it into a two part blog post. Here are the next round of images. Keep in mind that we have about three hundred or so photos from the cemetery alone!!  Very dramatic […]

Recoleta Cemetery Photography Part II

IMG_0748 1
Pictures tell a story that words often cannot. We enjoyed putting together the photography blog post from the beaches in Thailand and it became the inspiration for this blog post on Recoleta Cemetery. I will provide a little commentary while Dumpty will talk about the pictures. The La Recoleta Cemetery […]

Recoleta Cemetery Photography Part I

Shelly and I during graffiti tour
“Am I man or woman? I know that’s what you’re thinking,” the woman on stage said for the sixth time. She was the final act on the only English comedy club in Buenos Aires. After staring at her for a solid thirty seconds, I decided she was a woman, but […]

Buenos Aires: My Cultural Insight

Church in Dunedin 1
Dumpty and I are sitting on a warm smooth wooden picnic bench. My eyes are constantly squinting from the sun rays peaking through the trees right besides us. I am trying to take in as much as possible of the green blue sea facing me before we drive back to […]

Christchurch and Akaroa: Disappointing and Delightful