The harbor in downtown Queenstown at sunset 5
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If so, then what we beheld as we approached Queenstown New Zealand was a thing of pure beauty. Humpty and I spent our entire trip asking each other what our favorite place was, where we think we could live […]

Queenstown: Embodiment of Beauty

The theatre premiering The Hobbit film
“I am so obnoxiously excited.” – Blondie from Lord of the Rings tour I personally like New Zealand, but after visiting Auckland, I have to agree with Humpty that it was not my favorite city. New Zealand to me is about natural beauty, somewhat rugged terrain and elements, laid back […]

Lord of the Wellington

I whirled the Pinot Noir. Took the compulsory sniff. I arched my left eyebrow as if in deep contemplation and said, “this smells like burnt tire”. Dumpy was appalled and hoped that nobody heard. “You’re weird,” he said “But it does! Smell it. Close your eyes and think about it,” […]

New Zealand Wineries: My Personal Taste

We saw thousands of sheep 2
This tale is about two Zobbits named Hrodo (Dumpty) and Ham (Humpty), who leave the comforts of their  home to begin an adventure in New Zealand…. Hrodo got into the car and started driving towards Auckland. He was chosen to drive the  One Sunny Nissan throughout Middle Earth New Zealand. […]

“There and Back Again” in New Zealand

syd·ney /ˈsidnē/ A diverse city in southeastern Australia, comprising of over priced establishments, sprawling neighborhoods and beautiful harbors. On day five in Sydney I was tightly holding to the edges of the toilet. Another wave came. I was too weak to be mad at myself. I just needed to pull […]