Panic Attack!

Cramming last minute research at B&N

With less than a month to pack up and close on our house, I still haven’t received my renewed passport, which means I am short a visa for Pakistan and India. On top of that we have a family reunion (you might call it a wedding). Dumpty’s cousin is getting married, and the only way to see his parents and siblings before our trip round the world (RTW) is to drive to Chicago for the wedding.

And did I mention we still haven’t figured out where we are flying to first? Breath. It will be okay. We want this trip to be as spontaneous as possible. That is why we’ve opted to not buy RTW tickets and instead buy a one way ticket to _______ (fill in the blank). This way we can stay as long as we want in a country or city before moving on to the next. It’s thrilling not planning our every move, but the planner in me is anxious. Breath..

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