South Africa

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Many of you asked us what are favorite places from around the world were. That’s obviously a difficult question to answer because each place was entirely different. Although Dumpty’s list slightly differs from mine, here are my ratings after traveling for 7 months to 8 countries. Let us know if […]

The best countries, beaches, and views from our RTW adventure.

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I felt a prick in my palm. It was a splinter and I could care less. The wooden floors felt cool on my perspiring skin. I stared-up at the bulbous clouds gliding along the crisp blue sky on my back, and although I couldn’t hear the ocean waves, I knew […]

Cape Town: Beauty and the Beast

Today’s tragic shooting at the Empire State building in New York City saddens me on different levels. How do you make sense of this “senseless” violent shooting popping up everywhere? Not too long ago, there was a man who opened fire and killed six Sikhs at their temple in Wisconsin […]

Empire State Building Shooting: Where Is the humanity?